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not even risking that shit

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"You look like Isaac Clarke with tits"

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Shiny pokemon

The pokemon that i do like the shiny version of are the ghost type. Shiny golett is just wonderful. A shiny honedge has one of the best color schemes I have ever seen. Don’t get me started with that orange flame chandelure or the white mega gengar. That’s why I’m questing these babies,  also my dream of getting a perfect shiny banette. If any one out there would like to help me achieve this goal i would be forever grateful.



Hello people. I’ve gotten a extra shiny in my hands and have now decided to make a give away.
The pokemon in question is none other then a
Shiny female timid gastly with 4 perfect IV’s ( 31/x/31/31/31/x)

Shiny Gastly? Isn’t that the pokemon that transforms into that wonderfully white mega gengar?…

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